Graduate Students

Amber Ace

Research Interests: Plato, Epicureanism (and Hellenistic philosophy more generally), Lucretius, gender and sexuality, ethics, animal studies
Cohort Year: 2015

Sophia Alkhoury

Research Interests: Ancient Greek and Roman magic; Latin poetry; satire; Senecan tragedy; gladiators in literature; observation and performance in literature
Cohort Year: 2020

Arshy Azizi

Research Interests: Homer, epic, oral-formulaic composition; the manuscript tradition, textual transmission; Alexandrian scholarship; Greek intellectual history.
Cohort Year: 2020

David Delbar

Research Interests: Greco-Roman Religion; Greek and Latin Epic; Greek Tragedy; Classical Tradition; Gender and Queer Theory
Cohort Year: 2018

Kaicheng Fang

Research Interests: Roman political thought, Roman law, Ancient political philosophy, History of political thought, the reception of the Classical philosophical tradition.
Cohort Year: 2020

Eduardo García-Molina

Research Interests: Seleukid imperial administration and ideology; Hellenistic numismatics and epigraphy; Sexuality and ethnicity in the historiography of Eastern polities; Comparative study of imperialism and empires; Hispanic reception of Classics in the 19th and 20th cen.
Cohort Year: 2018

Julia Irons

Research Interests: ancient Mediterranean myth and religion; the cultural interface between Greece and the Near East; history and literature of Archaic Greece; music and performance; historiography; Thrace
Cohort Year: 2020

Jordan Johansen

Research Interests: Cross-cultural interactions in the ancient Eastern Mediterranean; multiculturalism; the Ptolemaic empire; the Achaemenid empire; Cyprus; ancient music and musicians; material culture; anthropological theory/ancient ethnography; Greek, Akkadian, Egyptian
Cohort Year: 2015

Nathan Katkin

Research Interests: Historiography of Rome in Latin and Greek; ancient ideas about government; ancient ideas about the past; prose style; Sanskrit narrative literature
Cohort Year: 2020

David Orsbon

Research Interests: Allegory and allegoresis; concepts of nature; the reception of the Classical literary and philosophical tradition; the intersection of science, philosophy, and literary criticism

Rik Peters

Research Interests: intellectual history of the Hellenistic period (including philosophy, science, and literature); attitudes towards wonder (θαῦμα) in Greek thought; imagery of the mind in Greek literature and thought (especially on the speed of thought); philology and text
Cohort Year: 2016