Graduate Students

Sophia Alkhoury

Research Interests: Ancient Greek and Roman magic and religion; the Greco-Egyptian Magical Formularies; hymnody; sacrificial practices; mystery cults; theurgy
Cohort Year: 2020

Arshy Azizi

Research Interests: Homer, epic, oral-formulaic composition; the manuscript tradition, textual transmission; Alexandrian scholarship; Greek intellectual history.
Cohort Year: 2020

Kodie Bastian

Research Interests: Historiography and fictional narratives; Greek conceptions of the world; generic boundaries and requirements; philology; Armenian reception of the classical tradition.
Cohort Year: 2022

Kaicheng Fang

Research Interests: Roman political thought, Roman law, Ancient political philosophy, History of political thought, the reception of the Classical philosophical tradition.
Cohort Year: 2020

Eduardo García-Molina

Research Interests: Seleukid imperial administration and ideology; Hellenistic numismatics and epigraphy; Sexuality and ethnicity in the historiography of Eastern polities; Comparative study of imperialism and empires; Hispanic reception of Classics in the 19th and 20th cen.
Cohort Year: 2018

Julia Irons

Research Interests: ancient Mediterranean myth and religion; the cultural interface between Greece and the Near East; history and literature of Archaic Greece; music and performance; historiography; Thrace
Cohort Year: 2020

Nathan Katkin

Research Interests: Historiography of Rome in Latin and Greek; ancient ideas about government; ancient ideas about the past; prose style; Sanskrit narrative literature
Cohort Year: 2020

Elizabeth McNamara

Research Interests: Greek tragedy, especially Euripides; Senecan tragedy; theatre and performance; reception of Greek poetry in English Modernist literature
Cohort Year: 2022

Arie Neuhauser

Research Interests: Social and cultural history of Byzantium; Medieval Greek literature; Local communities and their relationship with the state; Comparative study of political culture
Cohort Year: 2023

Daniel Ruprecht

Research Interests: History of emotions and their poetic representations; literary translation; reception; performance; pedagogy; Renaissance classicisms; ancient education.
Cohort Year: 2022

Jimmy White

Research Interests: Homer; choral lyric (Stesichorus, Simonides, Bacchylides); Attic tragedy (Sophocles); love and friendship; forms of fellow-feeling (empathy, compassion, care); affect theory; animal studies; children’s literature
Cohort Year: 2019

韩阳 HAN Yang

Research Interests: Greek and Coptic magic (Greek, Egyptian), medicine (Latin, Arabic), manuscripts (Beneventan, Turfan); religious history in late antiquity (esp. Manichaeism, Zoroastrianism, Mandaeism); Hebrew and Aramaic languages and linguistics.
Cohort Year: 2023