Undergraduate Prizes and Grants

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There is a large range of prizes and grants available to undergraduate students in our department to enhance their studies.

We offer eight prizes and grants for undergraduate students independently:

The Classics Prize

$500 for the student who graduates each year with the best record of achievement in the Classical Studies major. The Classics Prize does not require an application.

The Arthur Adkins Summer Research Fellowship

$5,000 for a third-year student bound for graduate school to aid the writing of a superior research paper on any aspect of the ancient world.

The David Grene Fellowship

$5,000 for a student interested in the classical world to independently pursue an area of interest they have not been able to during the academic year.

The Pausanias Summer Research Fellowship

$5,000 for a major or minor to conduct research abroad in sites of interest for classical studies.

The John G. Hawthorne Travel Prize

$5,000 for an outstanding student of classical languages, literature, or civilization to travel to Greece, Italy, or classical materials in another country.

The Leon Golden Undergraduate Research Fellowship

$5,000 for majors in Classical Studies to develop an original research project or pursue training in ancillary studies to enhance their work in classics.

The Nancy P. Helmbold Travel Award

$5,000 for an outstanding student of Greek or Latin to travel to Greece or Italy.

The Paul Shorey Foreign Travel

$3,000 for a student of Greek or Latin to defray costs incurred while studying abroad in the College’s Athens Program or the Roman Program.

Applicants for our grants and fellowships should follow the instructions provided in the above links. 

We can provide examples of successful application statements from previous years. Please contact either David Wray or Jonah Radding.

Society for Classical Studies Fellowship

We may also nominate one candidate for the following fellowship through the Society for Classical Studies:

The Lionel Pearson Fellowship

Up to $24,000 for majors in classics or a related field to undertake a period of study at an English or Scottish university.

Candidates for the Lionel Pearson Fellowship must be nominated by the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Students who are interested in being nominated must read carefully the linked information on the Fellowship, and then, by the Friday of eighth week in the Spring Quarter of third year, submit to us:


A current copy of your transcript, and


One paragraph describing why you would like to be nominated for the Fellowship and suggesting what you might like to achieve as a Fellow. This should include which university or universities you are interested in attending, with whom you would like to work, and what kind of topic you would like to research and/or why you think a year doing so in the UK would be especially beneficial.

University-wide Grants

The College offers a number of grants to undergraduate students across the university. The following two grants have often been held by our students:

The Third-Year International Travel Grant

Up to $4,000 for BA-level research outside the United States.

The Foreign Language Acquisition Grant

Up to $4,000 for intensive intermediate or advanced language study abroad.

Applicants for either grant should apply directly to the College through the above links.