Kaicheng Fang

Cohort Year: 2020
Research Interests: Roman political thought, Roman law, Ancient political philosophy, History of political thought, the reception of the Classical philosophical tradition.
Education: B.A. (History) Peking University, 2015; M.A. (Philosophy and Religious Studies) Peking University, 2018; Doctoral Studies (Ancient Philosophy), University of Cambridge, 2018-2020

Kai received B.A. (History) and M.A. (Philosophy and Religious Studies) from Peking University. Before he joined the University of Chicago, he also studied as a doctoral student at the University of Cambridge. While maintaining interests in Greek political philosophy (Plato and Stoicism), he focuses on Roman political thought (Cicero and Seneca), especially how different kinds of texts (philosophical, literary and legal) interact to frame and address political problems. He also has broad interests in the transformations of classical tradition in the intellectual history of Europe and contemporary China.