What is Classical Philology?

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Classical Philology (CP) has been an internationally respected journal for the study of the life, languages, and thought of the ancient Greek and Roman world since 1906. CP covers a broad range of topics, including studies that illuminate aspects of the languages, literatures, history, art, philosophy, social life, material culture, religion, and reception of ancient Greece and Rome.

To learn more about Classical Philology, to subscribe, or to read the most recent contributions, please visit the Classical Philology website through the University of Chicago Press, or reach out to Jodi Haraldson, Managing Editor. 

Jodi Haraldson
Managing Editor, Classical Philology

Statement of Editorial Policy

CP is devoted to publishing the best scholarly thought on all aspects of Greek and Roman antiquity, including literature, languages, anthropology, history, social life, philosophy, religion, art, material culture, and the history of classical studies. We also welcome contributions on the reception of classical antiquity, as well as on the interaction of Greece and Rome with other ancient cultures. CP is committed to both rigorous scholarship and the development of new approaches, and seeks to represent the full range of intellectual diversity across the field. Traditionally, we have published both longer articles and short notes. The length of contributions varies with the subject matter, but we do not normally consider submissions above 45 double-spaced pages. Authors are limited to one manuscript submission to CP per year.