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Department of Classics

The University of Chicago
1010 East 59th Street
Chicago, IL 60637


Clifford Ando, Classics 23

Administrative Assistant
Kathy Fox, Classics 22B

Undergraduate Advising

Director of Undergraduate Studies
David Wray, Classics 28 

Director, College Study Abroad Program in Athens
Jonathan M. Hall, Wieboldt 403 

Co-Director, College Study Abroad Program in Rome
Peter White, Classics 25D 

Assistant to the Director of Undergraduate Studies
Jonah Radding

Graduate Advising

Chair, Committee on Graduate Admission and Recruitment
Michèle Lowrie, Wieboldt 105B

Graduate Advisor
Catherine Kearns, Classics 25A 

Professional Skills Advisor
Sarah Nooter, Wieboldt 115

Classical Philology

Editor, Classical Philology
Sarah Nooter, Weiboldt 115

Book Review Editor, Classical Philology
Emily Austin, Weiboldt 125

Office Hours

Classics Professor

Office Office Phone Office Hours Email Address

Allen, Michael

    By Zoom Appointment
Ando, Clifford Cl 23
T 2:30-3:30
Austin, Emily

WB 125

2-8651 By Appointment
Asmis, Elizabeth Cl 25B 2-8517 By Appointment
Bartsch-Zimmer, Shadi SIFK 103 2-4847 Th 2-3
Clark, Tim Cl 25C 2-8520    
Dik, Helma WB 222 4-2170
By Appointment
Faraone, Chris Cl 25C 2-8520 By Appointment
Hall, Jonathan WB 403 4-8934 T/Th 12-1
Kearns, Katie CL 25A   M 10-11 zoom; W 11-12 in person
Lowrie, Michele WB 105B   By Appointment
Martinez, David Wb 123 2-8232 Tu 2-3:30; 
Th 2-4
Nooter, Sarah WB 115 4-9755 M 10:30-12
Payne, Mark CL 24 2-2516 By Appointment
Rankine, Patrice CL 25A 2-7533 By Zoom Appointment M-F 9-5
Radding, Jonah Cl 25B 2-8517
Sarchio, Jenna CL 25C 2-8520 By Zoom Appointment F 10-12
Shelton, Colin CL 26   By Zoom
W/Th 2:30-3:30
Stoner, Rosalie WB 119   F 1:30-3:30 in person or Zoom
Torallas Tovar, Sofia Wb 119   On leave
White, Peter Cl 25D 2-8515 Please Email
Wray, David Cl 28 2-8563 TH 2:30