David Delbar

Cohort Year: 2018
Research Interests: Greco-Roman Religion; Greek and Latin Epic; Greek Tragedy; Classical Tradition; Gender and Queer Theory
Education: B.A. Brigham Young University 2016, Comparative Literature and Classical Studies; M.A. Brigham Young University 2018, Comparative Studies

David Delbar’s research interests focus primarily on representations of masculinity and sexuality in Greek and Roman epic and tragedy. He is also interested in the intersection of gender and religion in forming communal identities. From his Comparative Literature background, he has studied the influence of classical myth on later woks of literature. His MA thesis was on developing a critical pluralist approach to analyzing classical myths in modern works, including adaptation theory, intertextuality, reception theory, and thematology. In his spare time he researches representations of werewolves in all media and time periods as an amateur lycanthropologist.