Minor in Classical Studies

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Our undergraduate minors all attain some expertise in chosen areas of classical civilization, and many also choose to study Greek, Latin, or both. The linguistic, interpretive, critical, and analytical skills gained by our minors, along with their understanding of the classical world, equip them well both for their programs of study in their majors and for a wide variety of careers.

Prospective students interested in the minor in Classical Studies must apply to the College.

Minor Requirements

The minor in Classical Studies requires a total of six courses in Greek (GREK), Latin (LATN), or Classical Civilization (CLCV). Of these six courses:

  • Only three of these courses may be elementary language courses (e.g. GREK 10100-10200-10300).
  • CLCV courses (1) may not be double counted with the student’s major(s) or with other minors and (2) may not be counted toward general education requirements.

Students must meet with the director of undergraduate studies before the end of Spring Quarter of their third year to declare their intention to complete the minor. Students choose courses in consultation with the director of undergraduate studies. The director’s approval for the minor program should be submitted to the student’s College adviser by the deadline above on the Consent to Complete a Minor Program form, obtained from the College adviser or online.

The following groups of courses would comprise a minor. Other programs may be designed in consultation with the director of undergraduate studies. Minor program requirements are subject to revision.

Sample Minor Program Course Selections

Selection 1

Course Code Course Name Units
GREK 10100-10200-10300 Introduction to Attic Greek I-II-III 300
GREK 20100-20200-20300 Intermediate Greek I-II-III 300
TOTAL   600


Selection 2

Course Code Course Name Units
LATN 10100-10200-10300 Introduction to Classical Latin I-II-III 300
Any three CLCV courses   300
TOTAL   600