The David Grene Fellowship

The David Grene Fellowship is targeted at undergraduates whose intellectual interests in the classical world have led them to an area of knowledge which they are unable to pursue during the regular academic year. It allows them an opportunity to explore that interest through independent study during the summer before graduation.

The independent study may involve training in a new discipline such as paleography or numismatics, first-hand experience of ancient sites and artifacts, or ancillary language study. It may be carried out under the auspices of an organized program like the American School of Classical Studies at Athens or the American Academy in Rome, or it may be tailored entirely according to the student's own plan.

The Prize is expected to be worth $5,000 this year.

The Fellowship is not limited to majors and minors in Classical Studies nor to students of Greek and Latin. The independent study need not directly involve the study of classics. However, applicants must be able to demonstrate a background of interest in the classical world.

To apply for the Fellowship, please submit to our Administrative Assistant, Kathy Fox, by the Monday of second week of Spring Quarter of third year:


A current copy of your transcript, and


An itinerary or project statement of 2-3 pages, and


A provisional budget, and


A faculty letter of recommendation.

The successful applicant must also submit a written report of what they achieved during the Fellowship to the Director of Undergraduate Studies by the first week of Autumn Quarter of fourth year.