Eduardo García-Molina

Cohort Year: 2018
Research Interests: Seleukid imperial administration and ideology; Hellenistic numismatics and epigraphy; Sexuality and ethnicity in the historiography of Eastern polities; Comparative study of imperialism and empires; Hispanic reception of Classics in the 19th and 20th cen.
Education: B.A. (History) University of South Florida, 2015; B.A. (Interdisciplinary Classical Civilization) University of South Florida 2015; M.A. (Ancient History), Florida State University, 2018

Eduardo is a PAMW PhD Candidate. He was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and earned his B.A. in both History and Interdisciplinary Classical Civilization from the University of South Florida in 2015. He then received his M.A. in Ancient History from Florida State University in 2018 after writing his Master's paper, “The Sick Man of Syria: Foreign Influence on the Late Seleukid State.”

His dissertation examines the interconnected role that information, administration, and communication had on legitimizing Seleukid state power among its heterogeneous population. He is interested in the participatory nature of administrative infrastructure and how state and subject engage in bilateral dialogues that ultimately shape and normalize the governance of the Seleukid state (and other such ancient polities). He has a broader interest in notions of state power in antiquity, gender and imperial ideology, Graeco-Roman attitudes towards the Seleukids and “Eastern” peoples and polities, the role of archives in collating and transmitting information, numismatics, and epigraphy.

In addition to his primary work on the Seleukids and state power, Eduardo works on the ways the ancient Mediterranean is received in Latin America, especially in the Caribbean. He is also interested in material related to Archaeogaming, especially when examining how states and peoples from antiquity are rendered in the mechanics of modern video games.

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