Alain Bresson

Robert O. Anderson Distinguished Service Professor emeritus in the Departments of Classics and History, in the Oriental Institute, and in the College
Doctorat d'État Besançon, 1994
Research Interests: Ancient economy, Asia Minor, epigraphy, numismatics

Prof. Bresson’s current research focuses on the ancient economy, with a current concentration in money and credit, questions on which he has already published extensively and on which he is preparing a new book. He also publishes regularly on the history, epigraphy and numismatics of various regions of the ancient world, especially Asia Minor. In collaboration with Askold Ivantchik he is preparing a new corpus of the inscriptions of Phrygian Apameia. He chaired the Department of Classics from July 1st, 2011, to June 30, 2014.

Recent Publications

  • 2021. “Rhodes circa 227 B.C. Destruction and Recovery.” In S. Fachard and E. M. Harris, eds. The Destruction of Cities in the Ancient Greek World. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 189–227.
  • 2021 “Rhodes before the Synoecism and the Cult of Zeus Atabyrios.” Vestnik Drevnei Istorii 81.3, 663–672.
  • 2021 With R. Descat and E, Varinlioğlu, “Décret des Mogōreis pour le stratège ptolémaïque Moschiôn de Théra.” In P. Brun, L. Capdetrey and P. Fröhlich, eds., L'Asie Mineure occidentale au IIIe siècle a.C. Bordeaux: Ausonius, 141–171.
  • 2021 “Metal-Object Currency Before Coinage: China and the West.” In L. Rahmstorf, G. Barjamovic and N. Ialongo, eds. Merchants, Measures and Money Understanding Technologies of Early Trade in a Comparative Perspective. Kiel and Hamburg: Wachholtz Verlag, 289–303.
  • 2020. “Silverization, Prices, and Tribute in the Achaemenid Empire.” In C. J. Tuplin and J. Ma, eds. Aršāma and his World. The Bodleian Letters in Context. Vol. III, Aršāma’s World. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 209–248.