Paul Keen - Placement

Paul Keen, who defended in November 2012 (“Land of Experiment: The Ptolemies and the Development of Hellenistic Cyprus, 312-58 BC”) and is currently Visiting Assistant Professor at Valparaiso University (Indiana), has accepted an offer for a tenure track position in the History department at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, starting Autumn 2014.

Jacobo Myerston Santana - Placement

Jacobo Myerston Santana defended in March 2014 his dissertation on “The Reception of Mesopotamian Etymologizing in Early Greek Poetry and Cosmogony” and is now Assistant Professor in the Literature Department at the University of California, San Diego.

Megan Nutzman - Placement

Megan Nutzman, who will defend in July 2014 (“A Hotbed of Healing: Ritual Cures in Roman and Late Antique Syria-Palestine”), has accepted an offer for a tenure-track position in the History Department of Old Dominion University (Virginia), starting Autumn 2014.

Harriet Fertik - Placement

Harriet Fertik, Chicago Classics BA 2008, has been offered a tenure-track position at the University of New Hampshire, starting Autumn 2014.

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