Julie Mebane Publication

Julie Mebane's article, "Pompey's Head and the Body Politic in Lucan's De Bello Civili" has been accepted for publication and will appear in TAPA 146.1 (Spring 2016).

Award - Kassandra Jackson

Kassandra Jackson has been awarded the Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fellowship for 2015-16.

Award - Andrew Horne

Andrew Horne has been awarded an Intensive Language Course Grant from the German Academic Exchange Service or DAAD for the upcoming summer. He will spend two months in Freiburg.

Michèle Lowrie's New Book

Teresa Danze Job Offer

Teresa Danze, PhD'12, has been offered a tenure-track position in the Classics Department at the University of Dallas (April 2015).

Clifford Ando's New Book

Julie Mebane wins CAMWS award

Julie Mebane received the Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS) "Presidential Award for the Outstanding Graduate Student Paper at the Annual Meeting" for her paper, "Fighting over Rome's Corpus: Competing Metaphors of the Body Politic in the Catilinarian Conspiracy."

Geoff Benson Job Offered

Geoffrey Benson, PhD'13, has been offered a tenure track appointment at Colgate University (April 2015).


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