Radical Formalisms: Rethinking the Literary in Greco-Roman Antiquity and Beyond

Chicago, September 16-17, 2022

Please contact Sarah Nooter (nooter@uchicago.edu) to register, for more information, or to access the secondary texts to be discussed on Friday at 5pm.


Friday - Franke Institute

1-1:05: Welcoming statement (Clifford Ando, Chair of Classics)

1:05-1:15: Introductory remarks (Sarah Nooter and Mario Telò)

1:15-2:45: Panel 1: Forms of Authority, chaired by Kenneth Warren
Patrice Rankine, “Myth Formalism and Black Expression: The Case of Icarus”
Shane Butler, “What Was Classics?"

2:45-3: break

3-4:30 Panel 2: Forms of Subjectivity, chaired by Haun Saussy
Alex Purves, “Two Ways of Being Alone: Dual Form in Sappho fr. 168b”
Tom Phillips, “What thou art we know not”

4:30-5: reception

5-6: discussion of secondary texts (Derek Attridge, Stephen Best, Fred Moten, Marjorie Perloff, Kevin Quashie)

Saturday - Franke Institute

9:00-9:30: breakfast

9:30-11:45: Panel 3: Reforming Form, chaired by Seth Estrin
Sarah Olsen, “Electra, Again”
Sarah Nooter, “Aristophanes and the Flying Sound”
Mario Telò, “Talos Tales: Form Intensity Disability”

11:45-1: lunch

1-3:15: Panel 4: Formal constraints, vital ruptures, chaired by Shadi Bartsch-Zimmer
Victoria Rimell, “Formalisations at the Threshold: Introductions to Horace”
Tom Geue, “Quite a Bind: Couplet, Comparison, Constraint, Claustrophobia, I.e., Ovid’s Ibis
Efi Spentzou, “A Poetics of Imperceptibility in Statius’s Thebaid

3:15-3:30: coffee break

3:30-5: Panel 5: Displacing form, chaired by David Wray
Lucy Alford, “Form as Precarious Shelter: Poiesis and Demolition in Gwendolyn Brooks’ In the Mecca
Sean Gurd, “Tone. On Nathaniel Mackey”