Giving Day: $45,000 Graduate Fund for the Humanities

What is Giving Day?

Giving Day is a university-wide event, taking place from noon to noon CDT on April 6-7, 2022. Giving Day asks our community to celebrate the University’s distinct culture, history, and traditions; remember their own experiences here and the friends they have made; and reconnect with the University socially and philanthropically.

Humanities Campaign

The Humanities Division is fundraising for our Graduate Fund for the Humanities, a flexible spending fund that supports students, faculty, and departments where and when support is needed most. Our goal is to reach $45,000 raised. We are working on securing large gifts to help us get there, but need your support to make sure we can reach out goal!

Gifts from donors support a range of activities in the Humanities Division, including student and faculty research, scholarships and fellowships, professional development opportunities for students, as well as departmental activities, public performances, and programming.

Guidelines for Giving Day Communications & Social Media Posts

Messaging Approach

This year’s underlying theme is “When we act together, we build a better tomorrow.” Give any amount and to whatever area you choose. You can support vibrant dialogue and debate, data-driven social inquiry, innovative cures and discoveries, and much more. No matter how you contribute, you’ll be part of something bigger: UChicago’s commitment to the transformative power of ideas.

A flexible formula

The formula “Every ___ counts.” is easily adaptable to different units and different communication channels, and it does not have to refer to units of time. It can be filled in with any idea, specific or general, serious or fun, historical or slice-of-life.


  • Every theorem counts.
  • Every bold idea counts.
  • Every innovative solution counts.
  • Every gift counts.

Sample Language

Feel free to adapt as you see fit.

Save the Date/Before Giving Day

  • Giving Day 2022 is just around the corner! Giving Day is an opportunity to come together as a community and demonstrate the power of collective philanthropy to ensure that the University of Chicago remains among the world’s great centers of discovery, education, and innovation. Look out for more from us soon about how you can join the celebration April 6-7. #UChiGivingDay

Day 1: April 6

  • “Today and tomorrow is Giving Day–from noon to noon we will have 24 hours of giving, challenges, prizes, and chances to engage with and cheer on UChicago supporters. Join us by making a gift to the Humanities Division.”
  • “UChicago Giving Day 2022 is here! Make your gift now at [insert link]. #UChiGivingDay”
  • “UChicago students are counting on you—will you give back today? Go to [insert link] to make a difference. #UChiGivingDay”

Day 2: April 7

  • “Giving Day ends today at 12pm CDT, and the Humanities Division has just a few more hours to reach our goal of $45,000 raised. Don’t miss your chance to make a difference! Make a gift for UChicago Giving Day 2022 at [insert link]. #UChiGivingDay”