Modern Greek Culture Lecture Series

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Thanks to a generous gift from Jim and Sandra Boves, the Modern Greek Culture Lecture brings to campus each year a distinguished scholar of the literature, language, history, thought, and culture of Modern Greece.

Due to the pandemic, the 2020–2021 Modern Greek Culture Lecture has been postponed until the 2021–2022 Academic Year.

Previous Modern Greek Culture Lecturers:

  • 2019/2020: Yannis Hamilakis, “Ideal, Nation, Crypto-Colony: How Greece Should Celebrate its Bicentenary”
  • 2018/2019: Thomas Gallant, “Greece’s Two Fins-de-Siècles”
  • 2017/2018: Geoffrey Horrocks, “Greek - Necessary Myths and Wilful Oversights”
  • 2016/2017: Constanze Guthenke, “The Last Arcadians: Classical Scholars in Greece”
  • 2014/2015: Paul Cartledge, “A Tarnished Dawn: Ancient Sparta’s Perception Today and Tomorrow”
  • 2013/2014: Michael Herzfeld, “Crisis or Judgment: Exasperation and Obligation in Greece Today”
  • 2012/2013: Stathis Gourgouris, “Cavafy’s Debt”
  • 2011/2012: Mark Mazower,  “Alfred Zimmern, Ancient Greece, and the Idea of International Relations”