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The University of Chicago Classics Department offers a doctoral graduate program in Classical Studies, with four different concentrations; it also collaborates with the University of Chicago’s Division of Humanities to allow students in the Master of Arts Program in the Humanities (MAPH) to concentrate in Classics.

Two features characterize our graduate program.

The first is flexibility to meet the interests of a wide range of students who wish to explore the Classics from many different points of view. We offer training in four concentrations: Classical Languages and Literatures; Ancient Mediterranean World; Ancient Philosophy; and Transformations of the Classical world. We also have two Joint Programs, with the Committee of Social Thought and TAPS (the Committee on Theater and Performance Studies), although we also allow joint degrees with other departments, tailored to the interests of our graduate students.

The second notable characteristic of our program is the range of opportunities and resources that we afford to students: one of the best libraries of the country, as well as an intensive program of workshops and lectures, both within and without the department of Classics; funding for travel and research, both archival and archeological; as well as a range of teaching opportunities. The fluid relationships between departments allow students to venture beyond the department into other areas and disciplines.