Andrew Horne

Biography and Interests: 

Andrew Horne (PhD Classics, University of Chicago, 2018; Rome Prize Fellow, 2016-17; AB Classics, Brown, 2011) is a Humanities Teaching Fellow in Classics and the College. His research focuses on the history of moral and political ideas, particularly in Rome.

He is now at work on two major projects. The first is a short book on “the festival of life”—a family of metaphors commonly used in ancient philosophy (Lucretius, Epictetus, etc.), which compare life to a religious festival. Life is a contest, a journey, a play, a banquet, a religious initiation. The second major project is to prepare his dissertation (“Making Freedom in Cicero and Horace”) for publication. The study reconstructs contrasting paradigms of freedom developed in the transitional period of the first century BC.

Recent Publications: 

Hypothêkai: On Wisdom Sayings and Wisdom Poems,” Classical Antiquity 37 (2018): 31-62.

“Georgic Justice,” Vergilius 64 (2018): 3-29.


Greece and Rome Humanities Core

Humor in Antiquity

Sports and Leisure in the Ancient World

Athens Study-Abroad (instructor for Readings in Classical Greek; assistant for the history course)

Accelerated Latin and Greek (assistant for the first two quarters, instructor for the third quarter)