Degree Program in Classical Studies

Our B.A. program

Director of Undergraduate Studies: David Wray, Classics 28,
Administrative Assistant: Kathy Fox, Classics 22B, 773-702-8514,

The B.A. degree in Classical Studies allows students to explore Greek and Roman antiquity in a variety of ways and provides excellent preparation for careers that require strong skills in interpretation and writing, such as teaching, scholarly research, law, and publishing, and in the humanities in general. Students may choose from the following three variants based on their preparation, interests, and goals:

  • The Greek and Roman Cultures Variant emphasizes courses in art and archaeology, history, material culture, and texts in translation.
  • The Language Intensive Variant focuses on languages with the aim of reading a larger selection of texts in the original languages; it is designed especially for those who wish to pursue graduate studies in classics.
  • The Language and Literature Variant combines the study of Greek and Latin texts with coverage of diverse areas, including art and archaeology, history, philosophy, religion, and science.

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