Paul Vadan

Paul earned his PhD in the Program in the Ancient Mediterranean World. At the University of Chicago, Paul completed his dissertation under the guidance of Prof. Alain Bresson, entitled “Crisis Management and Socio-Political Risk in the Hellenistic World.” His dissertation explores the problem of socio-political risk management. A native of Transylvania, he graduated from McGill University with joint honours in History and Classics.

Andrew Horne

Andrew Horne works on the history of moral and political ideas. His dissertation, “Making Freedom in Cicero and Horace,” reconstructed opposing theoretical approaches to libertas. Forthcoming publications focus on genre theory in Greek wisdom literature and theories of natural law and sovereignty in Virgil’s Georgics. Current projects examine Horace’s aesthetics and Aristotle’s political philosophy.

Abigail Akavia

Abigail Akavia is writing a dissertation on the Poetics of Listening in Sophocles. She is interested in sound and vocality in ancient Greek lyric poetry and tragedy, as well as the history of performance and adaptation of Greek drama. She has worked as a dramaturge in Israel and in Chicago, and directed Oedipus the King here on campus (May 2013). She earned her BA in Classics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2007. She lives in Leipzig, Germany with her husband and two sons. 

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