Greek and Roman Numismatics

Numismatics courses are regularly offered in connection with classes on the ancient economy or in specific courses. These courses provide the basics of ancient numismatics (die studies, hoards, quantitative studies). 

They also also provide an introduction to the rich contribution of numismatic studies to the economic, political, religious and cultural history of the ancient world. 

A training in numismatics proves to be most useful for students writing their dissertations on the most various aspects of ancient history.


  • Alain Bresson has published several articles on numismatic questions and is preparing a new book on the origin of Greek coinage (Why coinage?)
  • Cameron Hawkins has just completed a book entitled Work in the City: Roman Artisans and the Urban Economy, and has interests in the social and economic history of the Roman world, ancient historiography, and military history.


  • Money in ancient Greece from Homer to Alexander