Ancient Economy

Classics, NELC, History and the Ancient Economy

The Department collaborates in sustaining two fora for research on the ancient economy. First is the Ancient Economy Lecture Series, inaugurated in 2012-2013 and hosting two lectures per year.

Second, together with David Schloen (NELC) and Glen Weyl (former Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics, UChicago, currently Researcher at Microsoft Research),  and now with Gary Herrigel (History), Alain Bresson has launched in 2013–2014 a two-year program called Working Group on Comparative Economics in the framework of the Neubauer Collegium for Culture and Society.

Involving people of eight departments on the campus (Classics, Economics, History, Near Eastern Languages and Culture, East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Anthropology,  Booth School of Business, Harris School of Public Policy), this Working Group organizes a series of trans-disciplinary and comparative lectures.

The topic of 2013–2014 was “The Boundaries of the firm.” That of 2014–2015 will be: “Bound labor.” This transcultural approach proves to be very productive for both researchers and students. Ancient history has been represented in 2013–2104 by  talks given by Koen Verboven (Ghent) and Cam Hawkins (Chicago) for the Roman Economy. It is inaugurated in 2014–2015 by a symposium in which Walter Scheidel (Stanford) will participate for the ancient economy.


Last Classes Taught

  • Xenophon’s Poroi
  • Ancient Economies from Mesopotamia to Rome
  • Ancient Views of the Economy
  • Ancient Caravan Cities
  • Grain Production and Trade
  • Growth & Institutions in the Economy of the Ancient World