Rebekah Spearman

Cohort Year: 2014
Research Interests: Archaic Greece, Pindar, Adoption, Children and the Family, Monsters, Women in Myth, Reception, Ancient Agriculture, Lyric Poetry, Greek Law
Education: B.A. (Classical Philology), University of Dallas, 2014

Rebekah received her B.A. in Classical Philology from the University of Dallas in 2014 and her A.M. in Classics from the University of Chicago in 2017. Her dissertation research is on adoption and the family in Pindar’s presentation of mythical heroes. Her research ties her interests in childhood and marginal figures into the broader discourse around epinician poetry and the athlete’s family and community. Rebekah is also interested in the reception of Classics in Russia and the African diaspora, translation as interpretation, and the reception of classical farming practices in the modern regenerative farming movement. She has spent her summers farming, studying in Greece, teaching Greek and Latin to college students, and trekking across America’s national parks. In addition to Classics, she enjoys hiking, playing music, writing poetry, and baking.

Courses Taught:

  • Senior Seminar, Fall 2020
  • Intermediate Latin III: Vergil’s Agrarian Imagination, Spring 2020
  • Readings in World Literature II, Winter 2020
  • Elementary Greek I, Summer 2019, Fall 2019
  • Greece and Rome: Texts, Traditions, Transformations, Fall 2018
  • Accelerated Intro to Latin II, Winter 2017