Leon Wash

Research Interests: Poetry and Philosophy, with an emphasis on early Greece

My dissertation is about the early development in Greek poetry and philosophy of the concept of nature (φύσις) and its relationship with certain images and metaphors, especially vegetal and technological; focusing on Pindar and Empedocles, the dissertation pairs in-depth analyses of the concept of nature in each author with assessments of the precise significance of the authors’ plant metaphors (e.g. the “fruit of the mind” or the elemental “roots”), especially as opposed to their craft metaphors (e.g. the “builders of song” or the “rivets” of Aphrodite). Together with Dr. Alessandro Buccheri and Prof. Arnaud Macé, I am currently organizing a series of conferences under the title “ΦΥΣΙΣ ΚΑΙ ΦΥΤΑ: Nature and Plants in Ancient Greece."