Eva Schons Rodrigues

Cohort Year: 2019
Research Interests: Homer, Greek Lyric, Infant Exposure in Antiquity, Mental Illness and Medicine in the Greco-Roman World, Subaltern Studies, Gender & Sexuality Theory
Education: BA, Marquette University, 2018; MA, University of Chicago, 2019

Eva is a PAMW PhD student. She was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil and earned her BAs in Classics, History and International Affairs with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies from Marquette University in 2018. Her undergraduate senior thesis sought to confront notions of strict gender segregation in Roman military spaces, proposing instead that women’s participation in military efforts resulted in part from a shared cultural identity and sense of patriotism. Before joining the PhD program, Eva earned her MA in Classical Languages at the University of Chicago in 2019. In fulfillment of this degree, Eva’s MA thesis project identified methodological issues in the study of infanticide in the Greco-Roman world and challenged traditional narratives of sex-selective infanticide through a comprehensive analysis of bioarchaeological evidence.