Bart Van Wassenhove

Bart Van Wassenhove obtained his M.A. in History from Ghent University (2006), and came to Chicago in 2007. He is currently a doctoral fellow at the Franke Institute for the Humanities (2013-14) and is finishing up a dissertation on the moral emotions in Seneca's philosophical works. 

Recent Papers: Friendship, Admonition and Moral Rhetoric in Seneca’s Consolations (‘Dynamics of Friendship in the Graeco-Roman World’, CUNY, 04/14/14).

Sailakshmi Ramgopal

Lakshmi is a two year Visiting Assistant Professor in the Classics Department of Trinity College in Hartford, CT. A Fellow of the American Academy in Rome from 2015-16, her research focuses on cultural change in the Roman Empire through contact between Romans and non-Romans. At Trinity, she teaches courses on travel in antiquity and the classical tradition in British India.

Jonah Radding

Jonah's interests include Greek tragedy, archaic and classical Greek lyric poetry, and poetry’s role in ancient Greek society. Having grown up in both the Midwest and in Italy, Jonah sensed that the latter had a decisive advantage with respect to food and sunshine, and decided to move to Rome to study classics. Though he was originally interested in Latin prose, a chance meeting with Euripides turned into love at first sight. After completing his degree in Classics, he moved to Barcelona for two years to teach ESL before returning to the U.S. to work on his PhD.

Branden Kosch

Branden completed his Ph.D. in the Program in Classical Languages and Literatures at the University of Chicago. He currently holds a one-year visiting assistant professorship in the Classics Department at the University of Dallas.

Jeremy Brightbill

Jeremy's research interests include prose style, linguistics, and language pedagogy. 

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