Bart Van Wassenhove

Research Interests: 

Hellenistic and Roman philosophy, with a particular interest in issues of moral psychology and the interplay between philosophy, rhetoric and poetics


Bart Van Wassenhove obtained his M.A. in History from Ghent University (2006), and came to Chicago in 2007. He is currently a doctoral fellow at the Franke Institute for the Humanities (2013-14) and is finishing up a dissertation on the moral emotions in Seneca's philosophical works. 

Recent Papers: Friendship, Admonition and Moral Rhetoric in Seneca’s Consolations (‘Dynamics of Friendship in the Graeco-Roman World’, CUNY, 04/14/14).

Graduation Year: 

Dissertation Title: 

"Moral Admonition and the Emotions in Seneca’s Philosophical Works"

Current Institution: 

National University of Singapore