Claudio Sansone

Research Interests: 

Fields of interest: Literary Studies, Critical Theory, Anthropology, Archaeology, History of Religions
Linguistic Interests: Greek, Italic, Indo-Iranian, Anatolian, Sumerian, Bugis, Romance, Germanic, Akkadian
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Claudio was born in London before moving to Rome to complete his schooling. He earned his B.A. (Hons.) in English Literature from Trinity College Dublin in 2014, and was awarded a Scholarship Degree (Sch.) from the same institution in 2012. He wrote his undergraduate dissertation on Ezra Pound’s poetics and the Greek hero Palamedes. At Trinity, Claudio became interested in Greek and Latin from his second year, and studied these alongside Old English, and later Old Norse.

Claudio was accepted to the PhD Program in Comparative Literature at the University of Chicago in 2014, where he is in a Track II program (with Anthropology/Archaeology). In 2015, Claudio began the Joint PhD program with Classics (in the Program in Classical Languages and Literatures). In his first three years Claudio attended classes across the University, in the departments of English, Classics, Comp Lit, Linguistics, Philosophy, Romance Languages, Near Eastern Languages and Civilization, and at the Divinity School. In 2016 Claudio attended the summer session of the American University of Classical Studies at Athens, to begin work on correlating archaeological records with his work on ‘mythic stratigraphy’ in literary texts (see his Archaeology profile). Later in the same Summer, he attended Koc University’s ANAMED Hittite and Akkadian Summer School, in Istanbul. In the 2016-17 academic year, Claudio designed an independent study course at the University of Chicago through which he engaged with the Sabellic Languages of Ancient Italy, namely Oscan and Umbrian. In the Summer of 2017 Claudio attended the Leiden Summer School in Languages and Linguistics, studying Mycenaean Greek, Sumerian, and Avestan, and conducting personal research on Bugis, an Indonesian language.
Claudio is preparing to take his comprehensive exams in order to defend a dissertation proposal on new comparative approaches to the representation of kingship in ancient literatures. He can also be found in Foster Hall three times a week, trying to learn Sanskrit.


At Trinity, Claudio was the editor of Icarus (Ireland’s oldest poetry magazine) and the founding editor of T-JoLT (The Trinity Journal of Literary Translation). Since 2014, Claudio has been an active member of the Ezra Pound Society, for which he is an Assistant Editor of Make it New! and the Chief Editor of the Online Bibliography of Pound Studies.

In 2016, Claudio started a Finnegans Wake Reading Group on campus, which all members of the campus community are welcome to attend (see our blog). Claudio worked with GSU in the graduate student unionization efforts. Claudio also served as the Student Government’s Chair of the Committee on Student Employment in 2016-17. As of 2017, Claudio works at the Chicago Review as a member of the non-fiction editing staff, where he plans to drink all the free coffee he can get his hands on.



Claudio presentated his work on Lycophron's Alexandra at the 2017 Ezra Pound International Conference at the University of Pennsylvania. His presentation was reported on by the Pennsylvania Gazette at


Recent Publications and Presentations: 

Partial CV. Full CV available on request.

Book Chapters

"John Berryman's 'Poundian Inheritenace' and the Epic of 'Synchrisis'" in John Berryman: Centenary Essays (Bern: Peter Lang, 2017).

Conference Presentations

"Mursili's New Voice: Ethnopoetics and a Hittite Renaissance in the 1970s" at the International Congress of Hittitology. University of Chicago. August 2017.

""as the fish-tails said to Odysseus": Ezra Pound's Anti-Odyssean Myths" at the 45th Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture since 1900. February 2017.


Teaching Experience: 

BA Preceptor, Department of Classics (2017-18).

Language Assistant, Italian 101, 201, 204, Department of Romance Languages (Fall 2016).

Course Assistant, Translation and Translation Theory, Department of Comparative Literature, Department of English, Committee for Creative Writing (Spring 2017).

Teaching Materials

Memrise Courses (including WIP courses):

Italic: Oscan; Umbrian; Minor Sabellic Languages

Bugis: Intro to Bugis

Anatolian: Lycian; Luwian

Greek: Mycenaean Greek

Indo-Iranian: Avestan; Sanskrit (UofC 101-103, 2017-18)