Kassandra Jackson

Research Interests: 

ancient time-keeping; Greek medicine; Greco-Egyptian magic and religion; Imperial Period Asia Minor; Greek epigraphy and numismatics


Kassandra Jackson: AB Princeton 2007 (Classics Major, Creative Writing Certificate); M.Phil. Oxford 2009 (Ancient History); entered UChicago’s Ph.D. program in Classics (PAMW track) 2009; achieved doctoral candidacy 2013.

Working dissertation title: “A Doctor on the Clock: Horology in the Philosophical and Medical Texts of Galen.”

Publications: “She Who Changes (Amibousa): A Reexamination of the Triangular Table from Pergamon.” JRA 25 (2012) 456-474; “Father-Daughter Dynamics: the roles of Aphrodite and Athena in defining Zeus’ reign in the Iliad.” In Brill’s Companion to Aphrodite. A. C. Smith and S. Pickup, eds. Leiden (2010) 151-166.

Graduation Year: 

Dissertation Title: 

A Doctor on the Clock: Hourly Timekeeping and Galen’s Scientific Method

Current Position: 

Two-year visiting professorship, Union College

Current Institution: 

Union College