Andrew Horne

Research Interests: 

Latin literature, conceptual history, metaphorology, politics and ethics, Hellenistic philosophy, wisdom literature, didactic


Andrew Horne works on Roman literature and intellectual history. He is interested in how rhetorical commonplaces and poetic imagery contribute to the meaning of humanistic issues, such as justice, labor, and particularly freedom. His dissertation, “Cicero, Horace, and the Meaning of Freedom,” reconstructs contrasting theoretical approaches to libertas developed during the fall of the Republic and the start of the principate. 

Andrew was a Rome Prize winner for 2016-17. At the University of Chicago, he served as instructor and assistant in the Accelerated Latin and Accelerated Greek sequences, as well as on the Athens study abroad program. His undergraduate degree is from Brown (2011).

Recent Publications and Presentations: 

"Hypothêkai: On Wisdom Sayings and Wisdom Poems," forthcoming with Classical Antiquity (2018)