Recent Dissertations

Ancient Mediterranean World Students


  • Philip Venticinque, “Common Causes: Guilds, Craftsmen, and Merchants in the Economy and Society of Roman and Late Roman Egypt” (David Martinez; Janet Johnson; Emanuel Mayer; Campbell Grey).


  • Ari Bryen, “Violence, Law, and Society in Roman and Late Antique Egypt” (Walter Kaegi; Clifford Ando; David Martinez; James Keenan; Traianos Gagos).


  • William Bubelis, “Athenian Sacred Treasurers from Solon to the Persian Wars” (Jonathan Hall; Christopher Faraone; Lisa Kallet)


  • Brien Garnand, “The Use of Phoenician Infant Sacrifice in the Formation of Ethnic Identities” (Christopher Faraone; Jonathan Hall; Ian Morris).


  • John O. Hyland, "Tissaphernes and the Achaemenid Empire in Thucydides and Xenophon" (Jonathan Hall; Matthew Stolper: Theo van den Hout).
  • Carolina López-Ruiz, "The Sons of Earth and the Starry Heaven: Greek Theogonic Traditions and their Northwest Semitic Background" (Jonathan Hall; Christopher Faraone; Dennis Pardee).
  • Benjamin Stevens, "The Origins of Language in Greek and Roman Thought" (Jonathan Hall; Richard Saller; Brian Krostenko).
  • Ilse Müller, "Strategies for Survival: Widows in the Context of their Social Relationships" (Richard Saller; Ralph Johnson; Campbell Grey).


  • Ian Strachan Moyer, "At the Limits of Hellenism: Egyptian Priests and the Greek World" (Christopher Faraone; Robert Ritner; Jonathan Z. Smith).


  • Sarah Thea Cohen, "Exile in the Political Language of the Early Principate" (Richard Saller; Shadi Bartsch; Peter White).