Graduate Overview

Our graduate programs

The Department of Classics offers four PhD programs and one joint PhD program with Social Thought, as well as a Master’s Degree in conjunction with the University of Chicago’s Division of Humanities. We welcome your application and you can apply now for Fall 2018.

The Program in Classical Languages and Literatures (PCLL) instructs students in the basic techniques of textual, historical, and literary criticism, while also encouraging them to explore new approaches to classical literature, history, philosophy, religion, art, and archaeology.

The Program in Ancient Mediterranean World (PAMW) provides students with both the flexibility and the guidance to construct their own interdisciplinary program of research into the history, cultures, and civilizations of the Mediterranean and the Near East.

The Program in Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy provides a specialized training in both Classics and Philosophy so as to allow students to situate philosophical texts in their broader cultural context while also understanding how a given text engages with, and contributes to, its philosophical tradition.

The Program in Transformations of the Classical Tradition (PTCT) enables students to approach the long history of classical thought and literature by following a course of study tailored to their particular interests.

The Joint PhD Program in Social Thought and Classics (STC) is designed for students whose study of a particular issue or text from the ancient Greek and Roman world requires a broadly inter-disciplinary approach alongside a professional mastery of philological skills.

The Joint PhD Program in Classics and Theater & Performance Studies (TAPS) allows students to complement their doctoral studies in Classics with a program of study in TAPS that reflects their particular training and interests, encompassing both academic and artistic work. Please visit the TAPS graduate program website for additional information on the joint program.

The Master of Arts Program in the Humanities (MAPH) offers a Classical Languages Option that is designed primarily for students who are interested in studying Classics at the graduate level but whose language skills do not yet meet the graduate admissions requirements of most major Classics Departments.