Christopher A. Faraone

Biography and Interests: 

Christopher Athanasious Faraone

Title: Frank and Gertrude Springer Professor in the Humanities and the College department
Education: Ph.D. Stanford University (1988)
Office: Classics 25C
Areas of Specialization: Ancient Greek poetry, religion and magic

My new book, The Transformation of Greek Amulets in Roman Imperial Times, will appear with the University of Pennsylvania Press in early 2018. I already have a good draft of my next book project, Hymn, Oracle, Incantation and Lament: Short Hexametrical Genres from Homer to Theocritus, from which I will give three lectures in Paris in early December.  At the end of January, I will give the keynote lecture at the Australasian Society for Classical Studies Annual Meeting at University of Queensland in Brisbane and then give a series of seven lectures in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne.

Recent Publications: 

Full List of Publications


  • The Transformation of Greek Amulets in Roman Imperial Times (University of Pennsylvania Press, forthcoming 2018)
  • Vanishing Acts: Deletio Morbi as Speech Act and Visual Design on Ancient Greek Amulets, Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies Supplement 115 (London, 2013).
  • (with Dirk Obbink), The Getty Hexameters: Poetry, Magic and Mystery in Ancient Greek Selinous (Oxford 2013).
  • The Stanzaic Architecture of Archaic Greek Elegy (Oxford University Press 2008).


  • “Seaside Altars of Apollo Delphinios, Embedded Hymns and the Tripartite Structure of the Homeric Hymn to Apollo,” Greece & Rome (forthcoming Spring 2018).
  • “A Copper Plaque in the Louvre (inv. AD 003732): Composite Amulet or Pattern-Book for Making Individual Body-Amulets?,” Kernos 30 (2017) 5-22.
  • “Protective Statues for the Home and Workshop: The Evidence for Cross-Cultural Contact in the Greek Magical Papyri” in S. Crippa and E. M. Ciampini (eds.), Languages, Objects and the Transmission of Rituals: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Some Ritual Practices in the Graeco-Egyptian Papyri (Venice 2017) 59-78.
  • “Some Magical Gems in London,” GRBS 57 (2017) 403-30.
  • “Inscribed Greek Thunderstones as House- and Body-Amulets in Roman Imperial Times,” Kernos 27 (2014) 251-78.
  •  “The Poetics of Catalogues in the Hesiodic Theogony,” Transactions of the American Philological Association 143 (2013) 293-323.
  • “The Amuletic Design of the Mithraic Bull-Wounding Scene,” Journal of Roman Studies (2013) 1-21.
  •  “Muses and Titans: How the Hesiodic Poets Individuate Deities and Divine Agency in the Theogony,” Archiv für Religionsgeschichte 10 (2012) 37-49.
  • “The Stanzaic Architecture of Isidorus, Hymns 2 and 4 (SEG 8.549 and 51),” Classical Quarterly 62 (2012) 618-32.


Graduate Seminars

  • “Health and Healing in Ancient Greek Rituals and Thought” (with James Redfield)
  • “Eros in Archaic and Classical Greece” (with James Redfield)
  • “Ancient Greek Hymns” (3x)
  • “Greek and North Semitic Religious Inscriptions” (with D. Pardee, Oriental Institute)
  • “Text, Image and the Representation of Ritual” (with Gloria Pinney and Laura Slatkin)
  • “Ancient Hebrew and Greek Wisdom Literature” (with John Collins and Laura Slatkin)
  • “Ancient Greek Magic”
  • “The Homeric Hymns” (with James Redfield and Bruce Lincoln)
  • “Hesiod Theogony” (with Bruce Lincoln)
  • “The Greek Magical Papyri” (with Hans Dieter Betz)
  • “Oracles and Divination in the Ancient World” (with Bruce Lincoln)
  • “Greek Religion in its Historical Context” (with Jonathan M. Hall)
  • “Orphism” (with David Martinez)
  • "Greek Elegy"
  • "Shorter Hexametrical Genres in Ancient Greece"
  • "The Paris Magical Codex (PGM IV)" (with Sofia Torallas)