Degree Program in Classical Studies: Greek and Roman Cultures Variant

This variant is designed for students who are interested in ancient Greece and Rome but wish to focus more on history (political, intellectual, religious, social) and material culture than on language and literature. Because the program allows many courses taught in other departments to count toward the major, it is especially suited to students who declare their major late or who wish to complete two majors. The program assumes that, in addition to requirements for the major, students have met the general education requirement in civilization studies by taking the Ancient Mediterranean World sequence (CLCV 20700-20800), the Athens Program, or the Rome Program. Students who have met the general education requirement in civilization studies with a different sequence should complete one of these three sequences, which may then count toward the nine courses in classical civilization required for the major.

No course that is used to meet one of the following requirements may be used simultaneously to meet a requirement under any other category.

  • Three courses in Greek or Latin beyond the level of any credit earned by examination, including at least one course at or above the 10300 level. Students who have not received credit by placement tests or Advanced Placement examinations may register for first-year Greek or Latin courses.
  • Nine courses in Greek or Roman art, history, philosophy, religion, science, material culture, or classical literature in translation, with courses divided between at least four fields, and with approval of the director of undergraduate studies. Any course that carries a Classical Civilization listing or a Classics listing between 30100 and 39000 meets this requirement. Other eligible courses are offered in disciplines such as Art History, Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities, Philosophy, and Political Science. These courses should be chosen in consultation with the director of undergraduate studies.
  • By the end of the Spring Quarter of their third year, students are required to submit to the director of undergraduate studies a research skills paper of around 10-12 pages as an email attachment as a Word or PDF file. The paper, which will normally substitute for a final paper in a Greek (above 20300), Latin (above 20300), Classical Civilization or Classics course, is designed to prepare students for the B.A. Paper. Students will be expected to develop a reasoned argument on a particular topic, based not only on primary materials (ancient literary texts; material culture; etc.) but also on research of relevant secondary bibliography. Students should declare at the start of the quarter if they wish to take a certain course in conjunction with the research skills paper and should work closely with the Faculty instructor throughout the quarter, who must approve the paper as satisfying the requirement.
  • The B.A. Paper Seminar (CLCV 29800), a one-quarter course spread over Autumn and Winter Quarters.

Summary of Requirements: Greek and Roman Cultures Variant

  • 3 courses in Greek or Latin*
  • 9 courses in Greek or Roman art, history, philosophy, religion, science, or classical literature in translation
  • 1 B.A. Paper Seminar (CLCV 29800)
  • 13 total courses

* Credit may not be granted by examination.