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Congratulations to Paul Keen, Megan Nutzman, Tobias Joho, as well as to Harriet Fertik!

  • Paul Keen, who defended in December 2011 and is currently adjunct professor at Valparaiso University (Indiana), has accepted an offer for a tenure track position in the History department at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell.
  • Megan Nutzman, who will defend in June 2014, has accepted an offer for a tenure-track position in the History Department of Old Dominion University (Virginia).
  • Tobias Joho, who defended in December 2013, has accepted the position of Assistent in the Department of Classics at the University of Bern in Switzerland, starting June 2015.
  • And Harriet Fertik, Classics BA 2008, has been offered a tenure-track position at the University of New Hampshire.

Tobias Joho, Andrew Horne, and Thomas Keith are participating in the Annual Meeting of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS) in Waco, Texas (see the full program).

  • Tobias Joho: “The Return of the Plague in Thucydides’ Account of the Athenian Defeat at Sicily,” Thursday, April 3, 1:30pm.
  • Andrew Horne: “Lucan’s Wartime Freedoms,” April 3, 1:30pm.
  • Thomas Keith, “A Ten-Line Tragedy: The Discovery of Othryadas in AP 7.430 (Dioskorides)”, April 4, 10:15am

On the Calendar

Wed. 4/02. Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy Workshop: Dhananjay Jagannathan (UChicago, Philosophy)

Dhananjay Jagannathan (UChicago, Philosophy)
“Practical Wisdom and Learning to Rule Well in Aristotle’s Politics
Wednesday, April 2
4:30–6:00, Classics 21
NB: there will be no paper pre-circulated for this talk.

Thurs.–Sat. 4/10–12. Conference on Infrastructural and Despotic Power in Ancient States

Center for the Study of Ancient Religions and The Franke Institute for the Humanities, University of Chicago
Program Contact: Cliff Ando
April 10–12, 2014
Classics 21
View program

Mon. 4/14. Metaphor Workshop: Susanne Luedemann (Germanic Studies, Munich)

Susanne Luedemann (Germanic Studies, Munich)
Title TBA
Monday, April 14
4:30–6:00, Classics 21

Tues. 4/15. Ancient Societies Workshop: Jared Secord (UChicago, Society of Fellows)

Jared Secord (UChicago, Society of Fellows)
“Julius Africanus, Severus Alexander, and the Library of the Pantheon: A Sea-Change in Roman Intellectual Life?”
Tuesday, April 15
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Thurs. 4/17. Rhetoric and Poetics Workshop: Andrew Horne (UChicago, Classics)

Andrew Horne (UChicago, Classics)
“Hypothêkai, or Giving Instructions in Archaic Hexameters.”
Thursday, April 17
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Tues. 4/22. Ancient Societies Workshop: Walter Shandruk (UChicago, Classics)

Walter Shandruk (UChicago, Classics)
Title TBA
Tuesday, April 22
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Wed. 4/23. Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy Workshop: Noah Chafets (UChicago, Social Thought)

Noah Chafets (UChicago, Social Thought)
“On Plato’s Gorgias
Wednesday, April 23
4:30–6:00 Classics 21

Thurs. 4/24. Rhetoric and Poetics Workshop: Jacobo Myerston (UChicago, Classics)

Jacobo Myerston (UChicago, Classics)
“Towards a Philology of Liberation: Reading Bolaño and the Classics.”
Thursday, April 24
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Fri. 4/25. Metaphor Workshop: Karla Pollmann (Classics, Kent)

Karla Pollmann (Classics, Kent)
Friday, April 25
4:00–5:30, Classics 21

Tues. 4/29. Ancient Societies Workshop: Jocelyne Nelis-Clément (CNRS | Ausonius, Université Bordeaux Montaigne)

Jocelyne Nelis-Clément (CNRS | Ausonius, Université Bordeaux Montaigne)
“Time to write up: Ovid’s Fasti and Literary Epigraphy in Augustan Rome”
Tuesday, April 29
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Thurs. 5/1. Rhetoric and Poetics Workshop: Damien Nelis (Université de Genève)

Damien Nelis (Université de Genève)
“Naming the world: history and geography in Vergil’s Georgics
Thursday, May 1
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Fri. 5/2. Ancient Economy Lecture: Aurélie Carrara (post-doc CHS–DAI)

Aurélie Carrara (post-doc CHS–DAI)
“Taxes and Trade in Ancient Greece: Through the Harbor Customs”
Friday, May 2
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Mon. 5/5. Ancient Societies Workshop: Stéphane Benoist (Université Charles de Gaulle–Lille 3)

Stéphane Benoist (Université Charles de Gaulle–Lille 3)
“Epigraphical Monuments and Imperial Discourse: Ancient Evidence, New Perspectives”
Monday, May 5
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Thurs. 5/7. Rhetoric and Poetics Workshop: Luke Parker (UChicago, Joint Program Classics and Social Thought)

Luke Parker (UChicago, Joint Program Classics and Social Thought)
“Text and Poetics in Heraclitus and Plato”
Thursday, May 7
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Tues. 5/13. Ancient Societies Workshop: Jonathan Winnerman (UChicago, NELC)

Jonathan Winnerman (UChicago, NELC)
“Rethinking “The Royal Ka” and Divine Kingship in New Kingdom Egypt”
Tuesday, May 13
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Wed. 5/14. Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy Workshop: Susan Sauvé Meyer (Penn)

Susan Sauvé Meyer (Penn)
“Stoic orexis: the psychology of action and passion”
Wednesday, May 14
4:30–6:00 Classics 21

Fri. 05/16. Ancient Economy Lecture: Luke Gardiner (post-doc Cambridge – UChicago)

Luke Gardiner (post-doc Cambridge - UChicago)
“The Political Economy of Famine: Grain and Blame at Antioch AD 362/3”
Friday, May 16
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Tues. 5/20. Ancient Societies Workshop: Patch Crowley (UChicago, Art History)

Patch Crowley (UChicago, Art History)
“Protesilaus and the Art of Mourning”
Tuesday, May 20
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Fri.–Sat. 5/23–24. Conference on Aristotle’s Metaphysics and Logic

Tues. 5/27. Ancient Societies Workshop: Kassandra Jackson (UChicago, Classics)

Kassandra Jackson (UChicago, Classics)
“A Doctor on the Clock: Galen’s Use of Clocks and Hours in Pecc.Dig.
Tuesday, May 27
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Wed. 5/28. Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy Workshop: Rachel Barney (Toronto)

Rachel Barney (Toronto)
Title TBA
Wednesday, May 28
4:30–6:00, Classics 21

Thurs. 5/29. Rhetoric and Poetics Workshop: Jeremy Brightbill (UChicago, Classics)

Jeremy Brightbill (UChicago, Classics)
“The Scenarios of Roman Declamation”
Thursday, May 29
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Fri. 5/30. Metaphor Workshop: Sebastian Matzner (Oxford, Classics)

Sebastian Matzner (Oxford, Classics)
Title TBA
Friday, May 30
1:30–3:00, Classics 110

Recent Events

Wed. 10/2. Ancient Philosophy Workshop: Arnold Brooks (Philosophy)

Arnold Brooks (PhD student, Philosophy)
Wednesday, October 2
4:30–6:00, Classics 21

Thurs. 10/3. Rhetoric and Poetics Workshop: Alex Purves (UCLA)

Alex Purves (UCLA)
“Odysseus’ Last Leap: Unfinished Action in Homeric Epic”
Thursday, October 3
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Fri. 10/4, 7pm. Welcome Back Potluck

Tues. 10/8. Ancient Societies Workshop: Theo van den Hout (U. Chicago)

Theo van den Hout (U. Chicago)
Tuesday, October 8
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Fri. 10/11. Metaphor Workshop: Christopher Wild (U. Chicago)

Christopher Wild (Germanic Studies)
Friday, October 11
4:00pm, Classics 21

Tues. 10/15. Workshop on Late Antiquity and Byzantium: Richard Payne (U. Chicago)

Richard Payne (NELC)
“The Christian Symbolics of Power in a 
Zoroastrian Empire: The Reign of Husraw II, 590–628 CE.”

Tuesday, October 15

4:30pm, Cochrane-Woods Art 
Center, Room 152
(CWAC is located just north of the Regenstein Library, at 5540 
S Greenwood Ave)

Wed. 10/16. Classical Lecture Society: Barbara Kowalzig (NYU)

Barbara Kowalzig (NYU)
“Religion and Cross-Cultural Trade in the Greek Mediterranean”
Wednesday, October 16
4:30pm, Classics 110

Tues. 10/22. Ancient Societies Workshop: Andrew Dix (U. Chicago)

Andrew Dix (PhD student, NELC)
“The Archive of Bēlšunu (aka Belesys, Governor of Syria)”
Tuesday, October 22
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Thurs. 10/24. Rhetoric and Workshop: Andrew Ford (Princeton)

Andrew Ford (Princeton)
“Being There: Poetics of Presence in the parodos of Euripides’ IA
Thursday, October 24
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Fri. 10/25. 2013 George B. Walsh Lecture: Andrew Ford (Princeton)

Andrew Ford (Princeton University)
“The Purpose of Aristotle’s Poetics.”
Friday, October 25
4:00pm, Social Sciences 122

Tues. 10/29. Ancient Societies Workshop: Dr. Lara Weiss (Erfurt)

Dr. Lara Weiss (Erfurt)
Tuesday, October 29
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Wed. 10/30. Joint Ancient Philosophy and Rhetoric and Poetics Workshop: Bart van Wassenhove (U. Chicago)

Bart van Wassenhove (PhD student, Classics)
“‘Advocatum ista non quaerunt’: Admonition, Emotion and the Seeds of Virtue”
Wednesday, October 30
4:30–6:00, Classics 21

Wed. 11/13. Ancient Philosophy Workshop: Lloyd P. Gerson (U. Toronto)

Lloyd P. Gerson (U. Toronto)
Wednesday, November 13
4:30–6:00, Classics 21

Thurs. 11/14. Rhetoric and Poetics Workshop: Jacobo Myerston (U. Chicago)

Jacobo Myerston (PhD student, Classics)
“Poetic Junctures in an Orphic Hymn to Zeus”
Thursday, November 14
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Tues. 11/19. Ancient Societies Workshop: Megan Nutzman (U. Chicago)

Megan Nutzman (PhD student, Classics)
“Holy Healers: Exorcism in Roman and Late Antique Palestine”
Tuesday, November 19
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Wed. 11/20. Neubauer Collegium: Koen Verboven (Gent)

Koen Verboven (Gent)
“Firms, Friends or Family? Organizing a business in ancient Rome”
Wednesday, November 20
4:00–7:00pm, Classics 110

Thurs. 11/21. Metaphor Workshop and Rhetoric and Poetics Workshop: Kenneth Yu (U. Chicago)

Kenneth Yu (PhD student, Divinity School)
“Platonic Epistemology in the Tabula of Cebes: Reading Religious Art in Antiquity”
Thursday, November 21
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Wed. 12/4. Ancient Philosophy Workshop: John Wynne (Northwestern)

John Wynne (Northwestern)
Wednesday, December 4
4:30–6:00, Classics 21

Fri. 12/6. Metaphor Workshop and History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science Workshop: Peter Spiegler (U. Mass Boston)

Peter Spiegler (Economics, U. Mass Boston)
Friday, December 6
4:00pm, John Hope Franklin Room

Wed. 01/08. Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy Workshop: Ben Morison (Princeton)

Ben Morison (Philosophy, Princeton)
“What makes a syllogism perfect?”
Wednesday, January 8
4:30–6:00, Classics 21

Thurs. 01/09. Rhetoric and Poetics Workshop: Jared Secord (U. Chicago)

Jared Secord (Collegiate Assistant Professor, Classics, U. Chicago)
“Reading Plato with Diodorus of Sicily: Atlantis and the Forgotten Past of Greece in Hellenistic Historiography”
Thursday, January 9
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Fri. 01/10. Ancient Societies Workshop: Pierre Briant (Collège de France)

Pierre Briant (Collège de France)
“New Data from Achaemenid Anatolia: Archaeology, Epigraphy, History”
Friday, January 10
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Tues. 01/21. Ancient Societies Workshop: Paul Gauthier (U. Chicago)

Paul Gauthier (PhD student, NELC, U. Chicago)
“The Financial Structure of the Middle Assyrian Kingdom: A Model”
Tuesday, January 21
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Thurs. 01/23. Literature & Philosophy Workshop: Luke Parker (U. Chicago)

Luke Parker (PhD student, Social Thought and Classics, U. Chicago)
“Heraclitus’ Philosophical Poetics”
Thursday, January 23
4:30–6:00, Foster 305

Fri. 01/24. Metaphor Workshop: Giovanni Ricci (U. Chicago)

Giovanni Ricci (PhD Student, Anthropology, U. Chicago)
“The trouble with the trouble with metaphor: spatial metaphors, the internet, and ‘technical’ critique”
Friday, January 24
4:00–5:30, Classics 21

Tues. 01/28. Ancient Societies Workshop: Lieve Donnellan (U. Chicago)

Lieve Donnellan (BAEF Fellow, Classics, U. Chicago)
“Navigating between Scylla and Charybdis: Interaction in the Bay of Naples in the Early Iron Age”
Tuesday, January 28
5–6:30, Classics 21

Thurs. 01/30. Metaphor Workshop / Rhetoric and Poetics Workshop: Leon Wash (U. Chicago)

Leon Wash (PhD student, Classics, U. Chicago)
“ΦΡΕΝΩΝ ΚΑΡΠΟΣ: On Vegetal Metaphors and the Mind in Greek Poetry”
Thursday, January 30
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Tues. 02/04. Ancient Societies Workshop: Aleksandra Hallmann (University of Warsaw)

Aleksandra Hallmann (PhD candidate, University of Warsaw)
“Reading Ancient Egyptian Garments from Archaeological and Iconographic Sources”
Tuesday, February 4
5–6:30, Classics 21

Thurs. 02/06. Rhetoric and Poetics Workshop / Renaissance Workshop: Sarah Spence (The University of Georgia)

Sarah Spence (Distinguished Research Professor, The University of Georgia)
“Prophecies of Power: The Latin Poetry of Lepanto”
Thursday, February 6
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Fri. 02/07. Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy Workshop: Pieter Sjoerd Hasper (Indiana)

Pieter Sjoerd Hasper (Indiana)
“Aristotle on Experience and Universal Knowledge”
Friday, February 7
2:30–4:00, Classics 21
Please note the unusual day, time, and location.

Fri. 02/07. Metaphor Workshop: Kate Agnew (U. Chicago)

Kate Agnew (PhD Student, Classics, U. Chicago)
“Metaphor and Identification: Bodies in Aristides’ Corpus
Friday, February 7
4:00–5:30, Classics 21

Tues. 02/11. Ancient Societies Workshop: Ryan Boehm (Tulane)

Ryan Boehm (Tulane University)
“City and Empire: Synoikismos and Social Response in the Early Hellenistic Period”
Tuesday, February 11
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Wed. 02/12. Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy Workshop: Ramon Lopez (U. Chicago)

Ramon Lopez (PhD student, Political Science, U. Chicago)
“Aristotle on Natural and Conventional Right”
Wednesday, February 12
4:30–6:00, Classics 21

Fri. 02/14. Classics and History Lecture. Yannis Xydopoulos (University of Thessaloniki)

Yannis Xydopoulos (Professor at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
“Early Macedonia: The New Evidence”
Friday February 14
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Tues. 02/18. Ancient Societies Workshop / Workshop on Late Antiquity and Byzantium: Jason Osequeda (U. Chicago)

Jason Osequeda (PhD student, History, U. Chicago)
“Hope for the Kingdom of Heaven: Sixtus III and Pelagius”
Tuesday, February 18
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Thurs. 02/20. Danziger Lecture: John Hamilton (Harvard)

John Hamilton (Harvard)
Repetitio Sententiarum, Repetitio Verborum: Kant, Hamann, and the Implications of Citation”
Thursday, February 20, 2014
Title and location TBA

Eighteenth-century philosophical discourse perpetuates a long tradition of appropriating poetic and scriptural quotations to legitimize, exemplify, and encapsulate key insights. What precisely is at work when an ancient authority is summoned to bear witness in support of a present argument or conviction? How should the reader negotiate the tension that obtains between the synchronic and diachronic aspects? In addition to testing the opposition between faith and reason, an examination of the specific citational practices of Immanuel Kant and Johann Georg Hamann reveals conflicting approaches to the reception of ancient sources and the underlying theories of language, cognition, and history that motivate their engagement with the textual past.

Fri. 02/21. Metaphor Workshop: Robert Richards (U. Chicago)

Robert Richards (History of Science, U. Chicago)
“The Essential Work of Metaphor in Darwin’s Origin of Species
Friday, February 21
4:00–5:30, Classics 21

Tues. 02/25. Classical Lecture Society: Walter Scheidel (Stanford)

Walter Scheidel (Professor of Classics and History, Stanford)
“The First Fall of the Roman Empire”
Tuesday February 25
3:30, Classics 21

Wed. 02/26. Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy Workshop: John Ellison (U. Chicago)

John Ellison (PhD student, Social Thought, U. Chicago)
“Plato’s Sophist on Truth”
Wednesday, February 26
4:30–6:00, Classics 21

Thurs. 02/27. Rhetoric and Poetics Workshop: Marcos Gouvea (U. Chicago)

Marcos Gouvea (PhD student, Classics, U. Chicago)
ut Homerus dicit: invoking Homer to explain Vergil in Servius and Macrobius”
Thursday, February 27
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Fri. 02/28. Center for the Study of Ancient Religion: Andreas Schwab (U. Heidelberg)

Andreas Schwab (Seminar für Klassische Philologie, U. Heidelberg)
[Title TBA]
Friday, February 28
3:30, Classics 21

Thurs. 03/06. Rhetoric and Poetics Workshop / Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy Workshop: David Wray (U. Chicago)

David Wray (Associate Professor Classics, U. Chicago)
“Seneca’s Shame”
Thursday, March 6
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Tues. 03/11. Erika Jeck (U. Chicago)

Erika Jeck (PhD student, History, U. Chicago)
[Title TBA]
Tuesday, March 11
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

Wed. 03/12. Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy Workshop: Noah Chafets (U. Chicago)

Noah Chafets (PhD student, Social Thought, U. Chicago)
[Title TBA]
Wednesday, March 12
4:30–6:00, Classics 21

Thurs. 03/13. Rhetoric and Poetics Workshop: Jonah Radding (U. Chicago)

Jonah Radding (PhD student, Classics, U. Chicago)
“Euripides’ Ion and the Paean: A Song for Athens or Ionia?”
Thursday, March 13
3:30–5:00, Classics 21

(Postponed) Fri. 04/18. Modern Greek Culture Lecture: Michael Herzfeld (Harvard)

Michael Herzfeld (Harvard)
“Greece in Crisis and Critique: Persistences and Disjunctions”
Friday, April 18
6:00pm, Social Sciences 122
This event has been postponed to October 9, 2014.