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The faculty of the Classics department work in literature, linguistics, history, archaeology, and philosophy. We are developing innovative approaches to the study of Greco-Roman antiquity through our collaborative work with scholars in a wide variety of fields. We belong to international research networks and we teach, publish, and host workshops and conferences with colleagues from Art History, the Committee on Social Thought, Comparative Literature, the Divinity School, English, Germanic Studies, History, the Law School, Linguistics, the Oriental Institute, Philosophy, Political Science, Romance Languages, and Theater and Performance Studies.

In keeping with the wide ranging research agendas of our faculty, the culture of Classics at the University of Chicago is pluralistic. The Department offers four different Ph.D. programs, each of which fosters a distinctive interdisciplinary approach to the study of Greco-Roman antiquity: Classical Languages and Literatures, the Ancient Mediterranean World, Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy, and the joint Ph.D. in Classics and Social Thought. More information about each of these programs can be found in the program descriptions

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Latest News

The Department is delighted that Thomas Gallant, Professor at the University of California at San Diego, will be delivering the 2018-2019 Modern Greek Culture Lecture on Friday 26 October 2018. Professor Gallant will be speaking on "Greece's Two Fins-de-Siècles."


Michèle Lowrie (Andrew W. Mellon Professor in Classics and the College) delivered the 2018 J. H. Gray Lectures in the Faculty of Classics at the University of Cambridge on the on the idea of security in Roman thought and literature, which is related to her upcoming work during her National Endowment for the Humanities fellowship.

Professor Lowrie's lectures and seminars may be viewed or listened to at the following links:

Lecture, 5/8: Salus: hierarchy, reciprocity and embodied safety.

Lecture, 5/10: Securitas: emperor and citizen.

Seminar, 5/9: Cura: anxiety and tending in Vergil and Horace.



The University of Chicago hosted the following conference, for which Alain Bresson (Robert O. Anderson Distinguished Service Professor of Classics and History) was a joint organiser:

Coin Circulation in the Ancient Greek World: Mapping and Networks
The University of Chicago Paris Center
May 17-18, 2018

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Prizes and Placements

Paul Vadan (PhD '18) has accepted a one-year visiting assistant professorship at Reed College.

Aaron Seider (PhD '11) has been awarded tenure at the College of the Holy Cross.

Julia Mebane (PhD '17) has accepted a tenure-track position at the University of Indiana.

Branden Kosch (PhD '16) has accepted a one-year visiting assistant professorship at the University of Dallas.

Natalie Trevino and Andrew Horne have both been awarded a Mellon Dissertation Completion Fellowship for 2017-2018. These fellowships recognize the student’s academic achievement and enable the student to devote full attention and effort towards completing the dissertation.

Bart Van Wassenhove (PhD '16) has accepted a tenure-track position at the National University of Singapore.

Kassandra Jackson (PhD '17) has accepted a two-year visiting professorship at Union College.

Jonah Radding (PhD '16) has accepted a one-year visiting assistant professorship at Northwestern University.

Emily Jusino (PhD '14) has accepted a tenure-track position at the University of Rochester.

Latest Videos

George B. Walsh Lecture, 2015, Richard Hunter (Cambridge)