Paul Vadan

Research Interests: 

Hellenistic history and culture; inter-state interaction; decision theory; Greek epigraphy and numismatics; history of the  Black Sea; Imitatio Alexandri; ancient Egyptian culture and history.


Paul is a PhD Candidate within the Program in the Ancient Mediterranean World. At the University of Chicago, Paul studies Hellenistic history under the guidance of Professor Alain Bresson. His dissertation explores the problem of communal risk in the decision-making process. A native of Transylvania, he graduated from McGill University with joint honours in History and Classics. Paul continued his studies at McGill to complete a Classical Studies MA thesis on the socio-political transformations at Ephesos after the death of Alexander the Great. His other scholarly interests include Alexander the Great, the concept of the ‘barbarian’, and Pharaonic Egypt. Paul is also trained in Greek epigraphy and numismatics.

Recent Publications and Presentations: 


"The Posthumous Alexander Tetradrachms of Magnesia-on-the-Maeander," American Journal of Numismatics 29, New York, NY. [forthcoming 2017]

“The Inception of the Seleukid Empire,” Journal of Ancient History 5(1): 1-25.

“Ephesos after Alexander: Socio-Political Transformations in Western Asia Minor during the Early Hellenistic Period,” Masters of Arts Thesis, McGill University, Montréal, Québec, Canada, 2011.

"The Evolution of the Study of the Hellenistic Period," Hirundo, 2010.

"Patterns of Continuity in Geto-Dacian Foreign Policy Under Burebista," Hirundo, 2008.

Recent Papers

"Risk and Hellenistic Decision-Making," Society of Classical Studies Annual Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, 5th of January 2018. [forthcoming]

“Precedent, Collective Memory, and Risk in the Hellenistic Age”, Ancient Societies Workshop, University of Chicago, 24 October, 2017.

“Expressing Risk in Hellenistic Decision-Making,” Saxo Institute, Faculty of the Humanities, University of Copenhagen. Copenhagen, Denmark. 11th of September 2017.

"Hellenistic Risk Agenda: The Psychology of Communal Risk," Society of Classical Studies Annual Meeting, Toronto, Ontario, 8th of January 2017.

"Réseaux de Confiance et Déception," Classical Association of Canada Annual Meeting, 11-13th of May 2016. Québec City, Québec, Canada.

"The Posthumous Alexander Tetradrachms of Magnesia-on-the-Maeander: Regional Context and Historical Implications," Rencontres Numismatiques à l’École Belge d’Athènes, Athens, Greece, 28th of March, 2016.