Jonah Radding

Research Interests: 

Greek tragedy (esp. Euripides), Greek lyric poetry, genre in Greek poetry, Greek myth, Athens in the mid-to-late fifth century.


Jonah's interests include Greek tragedy, archaic and classical Greek lyric poetry, and poetry’s role in ancient Greek society. Having grown up in both the Midwest and in Italy, Jonah sensed that the latter had a decisive advantage with respect to food and sunshine, and decided to move to Rome to study classics. Though he was originally interested in Latin prose, a chance meeting with Euripides turned into love at first sight. After completing his degree in Classics, he moved to Barcelona for two years to teach ESL before returning to the U.S. to work on his PhD. Jonah has taught various classes on Latin and Ancient Greek at the University of Chicago, and his dissertation looks at the civic implications of Euripides’ experimentation with different poetic genres.

Graduation Year: 

Dissertation Title: 

"Politics and Poetics: Tradition, Genre, and Poetic Innovation in Euripidean Tragedy"

Current Institution: 

Northwestern University