Marcos Gouvêa

Research Interests: 

patristics; education in late antiquity; the classical tradition in literature and its reception (especially epic)


Marcos Gouvêa earned his BA from Williams College in Classics and English and an affiliate BA and MPhil in Classics at the University of Cambridge. He is broadly interested in the intellectual scaffolding that precedes and supports ancient interpretation of texts: heuristics, dogmas, convictions about poetics. He focuses on the role of Homer and Vergil in late antique thought, from the Christian ascetic's community to the school teacher's classroom.

Marcos' dissertation, “Homerus vester Mantuanus: Vergil as Authority in Macrobius and Servius” is a study of the role of dogmatic beliefs about Vergil in the interpretation of that author by two late antique readers. He investigates the relationship between Vergil’s authority in the classroom and the assumption that Vergil can serve as a Latin equivalent of Homer in other contexts.