Tim Clark

Research Interests: 

Roman History


Timothy Clark graduated from Amherst College in 2012 with a B.A. in Classics (magna cum laude), completing an honors thesis entitled, The Politics of Imagery: Representations of Roman Public and Domestic Space in Cicero’s ‘De Domo Sua.’ He recently concluded his MPhil in Ancient History at the University of Oxford, writing a masters dissertation on The New Old Imperium: Augustus, the Forum Augustum, and the Creation of a New Vision for Roman Imperial and Foreign Policy.

His research interests broadly include the political history of the late Roman Republic and early Principate, especially the development, dissemination, and exploitation of Senatorial and Republican ideology during that period. At Chicago, he will continue to pursue these interests, as well as Greek and Roman religion and interrelations between the Greco-Roman world and ancient Near East.