Emily Austin

Biography and Interests: 

I write on emotions in Homer, focusing on unique features of the language of the poems and exploring how they shape the narrative. A related interest is the poems’ presentation of their characters, particularly as these characters relate to one another. I am working on a book, tentatively titled Grief, Anger, and the Iliadic Hero, that explores the nexus of grief, anger and vengeance in the Iliad. In this work, I identify language in the Iliad unique to Achilles, linking his grief for Patroklos with a longing, ποθή. Starting from this verbal find, I give a narrative account for why such language describes the grief of Achilles for his companion, Patroklos, with its subsequent insatiable anger, and yet is absent from the grief of the Trojans for their champion Hektor. 

Areas of Specialization: Homer, especially characterization and emotions in the Iliad; Greek literature; Emotions in the Ancient World; Greek and Latin grammar; Ancient Philosophy; Classical Tradition



In progress. Grief, Anger, and the Iliadic Hero.


Recent Articles:

“Grief as ποθή: Understanding the Anger of Achilles,” New England Classical Journal 42.3 (2015): 147-163.


The Iliad through its Characters

Intermediate Greek: Sophocles

Intermediate Latin: Virgil